Maintaining a busy restaurant can be stressful and bad management will take its toll by driving potentially loyal customers away if the service hasn’t met the expected.

Easily improve customer experience with our innovative staff paging systems. Manage your guest flow and create a quieter, more inviting atmosphere. One touch paging, simple and easy to use

Guest Paging

With BTG Optima/Ultra Voice and Titan pagers you’ll easily manage your guest flow and create a quieter, more inviting atmosphere. BTG Ultra Voice Pagers will increase profit margins, by Eliminating the high cost of labor associated with staff

Staff Paging

BTG provides the ideal solution for Staff Paging Communications in all food service outlets. The BTG staff Paging System has been developed to provide seamless communications between kitchen and waiter staff. Your staff can now spend up to 75% more time on the dinning floor up selling and attending to your diners requirements! Waiters will return to the kitchen on a demand basis only, after being alerted via the silent vibrating pager

Iflex Cheff

The synergizing of crucial alerts and information alerts and information into a single platform, ensures that you are always in TOTAL control. With iFlex Cheff, your waiters, Chefs, Hosts, Managers can utilize Smart Devices, allowing 2 way communications at all times. This ensures that you know the message was delivered, read, and also the task at hand is acknowledged

Iflex Q SMS Paging

Guest Paging Systems with SMS Capabilities.

iFlex Q takes guesswork and stress out of customer queuing. Simply check in your customer, quote them the current wait time, hand your customer a pager or ask them for a mobile number. When your customer’s order or table is ready, simply page them through the iFlex Q console to let them know.

Smart Device Chargers

Smart Devices are a basic necessity for your guests. Allow them to keep their devices charged while in your venue; a valuable service that enhances your customer’s experience.

Two Way Radios

Instant communications between hostess, waiters and busboys increase table rotation, enhances guest experience and ensures a smooth operation on any venue.
 2 or 4 Watts of Power radios, with 16 selectable channels, expands communications to multiple groups or ensure the security of your transmissions.