Commercial Smart Device Chargers

BTG Power Station

The BTG Power Station holds up to 12 portable charging banks, in a modern and appealing rack. Each charging bank is completely wireless and stores enough power to “juice up” your guest’s smart devices.

Product includes

  • Charger Rack
  • 12 Tray Chargers

BTG Barman

The Barman Universal Phone and Tablet Charger is a compact table-top charging solution for mobiles and tablets. It can reliably charge up to 4 mobile phone stand (for up to two devices) to save space and provide great viewing angles while charging

BTG Juice Wall

The Juice Wall Mount is a commercial-grade charging station designed to withstand high usage. Catering up to 8 devices at once and covering virtually all phones and tablets on the market. Featuring a fully customizable signage area with LED lighting for advertisements.

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