Transmitters and Repeaters

BTG Guest Paging Transmitter


The BTG  BFTX 501 (0.5 Watts) or the BTX 1001
(2 Watts) Guest Paging is a feature rich POCSAG desktop transmitter.  Supporting 55 synthesized frequencies (450 to 470Mhz) and messaging via the keypad (Numeric, Tone), quick access to the over the air commands ( OTA ) and simple to use keypad.

  • Durable and sturdy to withstand industry conditions.
  • Code Format: POCSAG Code
  • Baud Rate – 512 – 1200 BPS.
  • FND Display

BTG Connect TX-4000

The connect-TX 4000 range of POCSAG encoder/ transmitters are designed for the modern day on-site communications platforms, interfacing via Ethernet, serial or USB. Compatible with  Windows, Linux, Android environments.  In addition to the direct communications, the transmitter has an optional 8 NO/NC contacts build on board enhancing the abilities to send alarms direct to pagers or back to the connect-EMS application.


The BW6212 UHF transmitter with user-programmable power outputs ranging from half a watt to 4 watts. Using programming software,  can be tuned across its full frequency range with no hardware adjustments. They are capable of operating as analog, NRZ or POCSAG transmitters. The built-in POCSAG encoder can be enabled or disabled as required.  The BW6212 supports multiple message queuing, and will queue up to eigth 240 character messages or as many smaller messages that will fit into the available memory buffer (up to 80)

25 Watts Amplifier

Operating over a frequency range of 450-500 Mhz, The 25 Watt power amplifier provides up to 25Watts of power from a 1 Watt input. The 25 Watt UHF power amplifier covers the full switching bandwidth without re-tuning with 20 Watts minimum output.  The power sense operates with a minimum of 1 Watt input and switches both the power and aerial relays. It will operate satisfactory with down to 1 Watt input power where it will give approximately 10 Watts out.

Wireless Paging Repeater

This equipment operates as UHF POCSAG system, re-sending all data from other Transmitters. The Repeater TX makes easier to extend a signal transmission range, which the Transmitter is unable to get. In addition, the chance of loosing message signals is getting lower when it is compared with only one transmitter is used.

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