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Empower Your Customers to ask for assistance.
Empower Your Customers to ask for assistance.
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Our Services

TechSource Group integrates leading wireless technology innovations, products and services for a wide variety of industries.  We offer In house paging and staff tracking systems, Paging and broadcast software, instant communications applications for hospitality and retail.
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Quiet, instant notifications allow you to manage your waiting area while protecting the privacy of your customers. Paging systems are an effective tool to keep your customers engaged, rotate tables faster and avoid shouting names.

Waiter Paging APP

IFlex Q and I Flex Chef  go hand in hand with technology advances, with data gathering capabilities  calls are confirmed or rejected generating escalation calls to ensure timely responses, this information can be summarized  for reporting helping you with scheduling, training  and identification of response times.

CONNECT is the next evolution of our market leading communications solution, seamlessly integrates with today’s modern IT infrastructure allowing users to easily communicate with employees while acquiring response statistics and manage workflow and tasks.

Two way radios are an important tool in many industries giving workers the ability to instantly communicate with each other improving performance and workplace safety.

Retail Applications

Smart Response systems provide instant awareness of events related to customers and employees such as assistance in the dressing rooms, cashiers in need of support or cameras detecting suspicious activity.

Smart Devices are a basic necessity for your guests. Allow them to keep their devices charged while in your venue; a valuable service that enhances your customer’s experience.

We carry an array of transmitters created to suit your needs. Desktop transmitters designed for the modern on-site communication platforms interfacing via Ethernet, serial or USB or stand-alone units

We provide only the best Numeric and Alpha-Numeric Pagers from Blufi,  Daviscomms, Apollo, Unication and more! Along with these products, we also provide the best support from spare parts to Repair Services.