Regardless of a church’s size, communication between its main worship area and the nursery is both critical and challenging. Parents need the peace of mind that they will be contacted if needed and churches should consider offering means to ensure the safety of the children while under their care.

Our systems are designed to provide affordable communications that are easy to use and simple to implement. Whether you want to use a traditional paging system or want to send SMS to your members, we can provide you with a solution.

Church Nursery Paging

Eliminate the inconvenience of searching for parents or avoid the distraction of a phone call while in service. With the flexibility of individual alerts, you can reach family members with a touch of a button and notify them discreetly when needed

Church Nursery SMS  Paging

With our Android App you can send text messages to individual cell phones and increase the sense of security by generating codes to the right person who should pick up a child from the nursery. Keep record of calls and have reports of the different types of calls generated through the system