Hotel communication system

Connect is an all in one staff messaging platform for hotels. Connect is the ideal solution for on site hotel staff communication, with  the powerful connect communications engine you can seamlessly communicate between devices such as pagers, smart watches, tablets, mobile phones & computers

Connect  is the next generation of our communication solution. With a web-based configuration and management interface, Connect is accessible from any computer within the site that has network access.

At its core, the revolutionary EMS ( Event Management System) allows for complete control of the entire paging workflow. Built into the EMS is the Dynamic Decision Engine which allows variable outcomes depending on specific events and current system state.

Connect provides a faster and simpler unified communication system for your venue.

– Housekeeping
– Building Management Systems (BMS)
– Alarm Systems
– Front Desk / Reception
– Service Call Systems
– Engineering
– Events and Functions

The Scheduled Task module allows for automatic generation and delivery of detailed reports and the live Dashboard View allows the Manager to make decisions depending on current state of the Accommodation cycle

Connect provides flexible integration options to monitor events and alert staff members via email, SMS,  pagers,  smart devices and even DECT phone, Connect can receive inputs from fire alarms & security systems, building control systems or any system with external outputs.

Connect can be programmed for the management, prioritization, and response to key events. This includes the ability to send messages to the designated associate based on rules set up for your organization, including escalated communications when necessary. It also means you can manage all devices and allocate staff as required.

Connect devices

connect button

When installed with Connect, the connect button will enable you to visually and intelligently manage your customer service levels with advanced reporting, call escalations, and the ability to dynamically assign calls to any number of staff members  instantly.  Ideal for meeting & conference rooms .

wi-fi watch

Using the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure of a building, the use of Smart Watches allows 2 way, full voice communications with mobile employees, messages can be originated from desktops, tablets, call buttons and other smart watches connected to the network.

alphanumeric pagers

The use of pagers allows you to reach those areas where cellphones and Wi Fi are not available, pagers are easy to use, easy to manage and offer instant one way communication with those employees who are mobile.