NP88 Numeric Pager

  • Display Back-light
  • Stand-by screen
  • Time of Day and Day/ Month
  • Indicator/ Alert
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Automatic Alert Reset
  • Personal Alarm
  • Reminder Alert
  • User Selectable Audible alerts
  • Message Erase
  • Memory Retention
  • Memory Capacity
  • Timestamp
  • Message Protect
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The NP-88 offers accessibility to stay on top of hectic daily lifestyle. Perfect for basic wireless communication and user-friendly operation. You can set the pager to generate an audible or a vibration alert, no matter under noisy or quiet environment when you are expecting an important page.
Unication’s  NP-88 is compact, light-weight, inexpensive and the best choice whey you need reliable paging with broad coverage.

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